• James Bellew

Cost Effective Handling of Polyrock

If you are considering the use of Polyrock as a substitute for a percentage of aggregates in your batches, how would you handle the product from bulk bag to the production equipment?

1. Discharge the product on to a stockpile…. Initial handling

2. Use a FEL to pick up a bucket load….. Double handling

3. Dump into an aggregates hopper…. Triple handling

4. Load from the new Polyrock hopper into your dry ingredients chute …. Extra activity!

5. Discharge into an agitator truck…. Extra activity!

So .... here is our question. If Polyrock is sold to you in bulk bags, why would you spend extra money on double or perhaps triple handling when the most cost-effective solution to adding the Polyrock into your production system is to use a bulk bag unloading and feeding system?

A conventional B&R-BHE Bulk Bag unit is shown here as a primary example

This system comprises:

1. Large 1 tonne bag frame with electric hoist loading. 2. The upper frame is mounted on load cells for accurate batching of the product. 3. The feeder is a special flexible wall variable speed type for powder products

Handling of the larger particle sized Polyrock requires a few design changes.

  • A different design of screw


  • A modified bag frame

  • Volumetric feeding of the Polyrock based on a measured discharge per revolution of the screw feeder

  • Load cells can be mounted under the bag lifting frame if you need high accuracy batching.

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