• James Bellew

Manufacturing Concrete? Batch it then Reclaim the Surplus or Waste

The three components of a mix that can be easily recovered are aggregates, sand and water.


There are ways of dealing with a surplus of concrete at the conclusion of a pour, such as dumping at a recycling plant that will crush and grade the eventually hardened product, however, the method that provides the best return on manufacturing costs is the recovery of the aggregates, sand and water via your own dedicated Concrete Recycling plant.

Here is a simple sample ($) of what you could lose over a twelve month production period by not treating the waste in your own plant. The bottom line cost is based on the conservative figures shown below. Even for a small throughput, it is enough to pay for your initial investment in less than 2 years.

After this, the money goes to you, not to a third party!

INTERESTED? Call us to discuss your ideas and specific needs.

* We can email the spreadsheet to you to enable you to calculate your own potential savings

* We have a plant that can be sized for your specific requirements.

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