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Treating your Waste Concrete and residual Slurry

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Batch & Reclaim – BHE has the ideal solution to your environmental concerns:

Total Materials Recycling (TMR):

Wet concrete and Slurry water recycling is designed to maximize the returns of concrete production sites and to recover and re-use raw materials and washing water, which has been clarified and automatically corrected for pH, without using flocculants.

TMR allows you to separate sand, aggregates and contaminated wastewater using a concrete recycler and a filter press. The concrete recycler separates the sand and aggregates from the contaminated wastewater. The remaining slurry is sent to the filter press for filtering and particles compression, which reduces the particles volume by up to 85% for easier disposal.

  • Our ESF30 Concrete Reclaiming Plant separates large grain sand and aggregates into two stockpiles and discharges the contaminated slurry to a settling pond where the extra fine sand particles settle out. The cement contaminated residual slurry then flows to a dedicated slurry pit which is fitted with a stirrer to maintain the particles in suspension.

  • Our ENPU XMZF35/870-30U filter press removes the contaminated water derived from the Reclaimer, washing cement mixers, pumps, mixers and buckets. It is filtered, clarified, treated for pH levels and added to your clear water storage without the use of flocculants.

Combine our Concrete Reclaimer with our Filter press and reduce:

1. The size of your plant footprint

2. The cost of your Civil works

3. The pollution levels in your wastewater

4. The volume of wastewater settling within your plant

5. The lost revenue from raw materials going to a waste dump

6. Sludge disposal costs

7. Water costs through efficient slurry recycling

Each plant is fully automatic and can be synchronised, so there is no need for operators other than occasional manual inspection and deep cleaning of the filter Press plates

mechanical reliability guaranteed using components by top brands

The plants can be installed to suit all sites and without expensive foundations and have a short installation time.

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