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ENPU XMZF35/870-30U Filter Press

Larger Units are available to suit your expected daily wastewater flow

Typical of our Filter Presses, the ENPU XMZF35/870-30U is high efficiency high speed filter machine.

  1. The filter plates are box type.

  2. The filter chamber is composed of two adjacent concave box type filter plates.

  3. The filter cloth is fixed on the filter plate.

  4. The feeding pump provides a suitable pressure.

  5. Filter cloths retain solid material, with the liquid flowing out through drainage system, which accomplishes the purpose of solid-liquid separation.

  6. Note that ENPU believe that manual high pressure water cleaning is better than automatic cleaning as specific areas difficult to clear can be more effectively targeted by the operator.

  7. It is suitable for various kinds of suspended liquids, has a wide application range, good separation effect, simple structure and easy operation, i.e., it is safe and reliable.

  8. The filter plate adopts new reinforced polypropylene one time mould pressing, which does not easily deform or fracture, is high temperature resistant, even under special conditions (such as pressure exceeds the standard, etc.), it has strong stress resistance, good stability and long service life.    After the filter plate is compacted, the sealing properties are good, the moisture content of the filter cake is lower with a better filtering effect.

  9. The Machine Frame consists of high quality carbon steel,

        high-molecular corrosion prevention, uniform anti-corrosion

        coating, which is solid highly retentive.

  10. Frame life should exceed 10 years.

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