Mobile Batch Plants
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Here are some ideal additions to your business which are suitable for:

  • Small & Medium sized concrete contractors who want control over their supply and quality

  • Contractors who want the ability to react immediately to customer needs without having to book concrete weeks in advance

  • Sand, soil and garden centres who want to supply that extra "Mini-mix" service to customers

  • Regional businesses who want to provide a unique "Mix on site" service.

Twin Agg Batch Plant.jpg

Can be transported via semi-trailer or a low loader and available in three sizes:

  • MC1200 - output 10 cbm/hr

  • MC1500 - output 15 cbm/hr

  • MC1800 - output 20 cbm/hr.

Wheel mounted versions with Prefix MB are also available for towing between sites.​

This 20 - 25 cbm/hr mobile plant is ideal for construction work sites as it can be moved around the site or re-located to your next challenge.
Comprising a 20 tonne cement silo (or your choice of a bulk bag hopper), 2 bin sand/aggregates batch feeding unit, cement, water & admixture additions system and concrete discharge conveyor to suit your required height, it has a fully computerised control system operated through a touch screen.


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Four Agg Batch Plant.png

The MBD-G range has four aggregates capability and is wheel mounted for genuine movement from site to site (albeit at at no more than 40 km/hr) or they can be transported via low loader and are available in three sizes:

  • MBD1500G - output 25-33 cbm/hr

  • MBD1800G - output 30 - 43 cbm/hr

  • MBD2200G - output 36 - 60 cbm/hr.

For the complete system, add:

  • A discharge conveyor for agitator truck loading

  • A Horizontal or Vertical Cement Silo

  • A Cement Bulk Bag discharger

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