• James Bellew

Dealing with unused and waste concrete

What is your method for handling this issue?

  • Pay or even purchase a recycling Company to accept your waste?

  • Find a willing partner to take the remains for free?

  • Spread it around your own property?

Whichever method you choose to use, there is a direct cost associated with your selection. Apart from the possible disposal costs, there is a calculable effect on your profit margin through wasted materials.

1. Lost Aggregates cost

2. Lost Sand cost

3. Lost Water cost.

You can add to this the inconvenience and lost time while your trucks go to specific sites away from your plant when they dump the waste.

Whilst there is no way of recovering the lost cement, our Recycle spreadsheet will provide you with a simple method to calculate just how much money you are throwing away in direct raw materials losses. Insert your own truck numbers, the daily volume of waste concrete you have to deal with and the individual costs of the materials. The bottom line will very likely surprise you.

The cost of a concrete recycling plant to handle 30 CBM/Hr is not excessively high. Even at reduced throughputs, the total cost including the necessary civil works could be recovered in somewhere between 12 to 24 months and with larger throughputs, it could be less than 12 months. After that, the money finishes up in your pocket.

Call us to obtain a copy of our Recycle spreadsheet and to discuss how we can assist you to become more profitable through recycling your own waste concrete.

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