• James Bellew

Time is money

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

There has never been a truer statement made than "Time is Money". From the moment you issue a purchase order for a new plant or piece of equipment, the quicker you can take delivery and commission it into service, the sooner your investment will start to repay you. BHE offers:

* Short manufacturing time

* 28 days for a Modular Batching Plant

* 10 days for a concrete reclaiming plant

* 35 days for a concrete mixer (assuming we don't have one in stock!)

* Generally 21 days ex-works to F.O.W. East Coast Australia

* Quick mechanical installation from 5 days for a small Modular batch plant to 8 days for a concrete reclaiming plant.

* You receive the benefits as your plant starts earning its keep working for you.

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