Concrete Reclaiming

Protecting our Environment

Combine our Concrete Reclaimer with our Filter press and reduce:

1.          The size of your plant footprint

2.         The cost of your Civil works

3.         The pollution levels in your wastewater

4.         The volume of wastewater settling within your plant

5.         The lost revenue from raw materials going to a waste dump

6.         Sludge disposal costs

7.         Water costs through efficient slurry recycling

   Technical Features of our Concrete reclaimers


  • Design: Open structure design allows the concrete to be poured directly into the receival tank

  • Treatment Efficiency: fastest treatment in Industry

    • 10 times the capacity of traditional reclaimers

    • 8 - 10 minutes to wash and separate a 10-12 cubic metre Agitator

  • Capacity: 

    • Rotating drum or linear vibration technology makes separation cleaner and faster.

    • Can achieve a wet concrete capacity of 40 tonnes/hr.

  • Unique patented Design:

    • In the separator tank, 5 staggered water weirs are set

    • Sand is retained by the lowest baffle

    • Staggered design changes the flow direction and flow speed

    • More conducive to sand sedimentation

    • Sediment concentration is only 57% of the National Standard

  • Large Separator tank Design:

    • Capable of receiving large volumes from two trucks simultaneously​

    • No waiting time as in single file operation

  • Unique Air-Seal Bearings Design (Patented)

    • The bearings are installed in the hollow shaft and sealed inside.

    • During the shaft rotation​, the seriflux cannot penetrate the interior of the hollow shaft due to the effects of atmospheric pressure

    • The bearings are completely isolated thus preventing clogging, corrosion and abrasion with ensuing extended bearing life

  • National patents:

    • 6 National patents for I.P. enables us to offer a 3 year warranty

  • Control System:

    • Highly intelligent, fully automatic control with sound, light and electrical alarm protection, all constructed to the requirements of AS3000


We have several model options available:

  • Single Truck

  • Dual Truck

  • Double Reclaim

  • Double Sediment only

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To enable you to calculate your own savings, this form is available as an excel file.

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