A flour and baking additives storage and handling system complete with batch weighing and vacuum conveying system designed and manufactured for a Melbourne S.E. suburbs bakery.

The plant has been operating continuously since 2001 without problems



Receival, storage and batching plant assembly


Picture shows the three BHE Polyflex micro feeders - 2 x PF35 and 1 x PF57 flexible wall feeders


Flour line on the left and micro-ingredients feed on the right are selected by a 2 way diverter valve


Batch weighing hopper mounted on 3 x IP65 load cells, discharging to a vacuum conveying receival adaptor.


Vacuum Receival and dumping hopper installed in the baking room.

BHE designed and manufactured IP54 plant control box manufactured to AS3000 requirements.   The batch weighing, vacuum conveying and dumping operations are automatically set and operated by a fully programmable multi-function controller.


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